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e still costs an admission fee of 30 yuan -- just like before.After over three years鈥?construction, the new CSTM will officially open in the middle of September. The old mus

eum will open free to the public for eight d▓ays starting from June 24.The CSTM is located within th▓e central area of the Olympic Park, adjacent to the 鈥淏irds鈥?Nest鈥? Reporters learned on June 22 from the CSTM that after over


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three years of intensive construction, the new museum has started to install and test its equipment, as well as to arrange its exhibits. It will officially open to ▓the public in the middle of September.The old museu

m, which operated for 21 years, will close from July 1 this year. Officials from Beijing Association for Science and Technology stated that the old museum will be used as Beijing Sci

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ence Center, where high-end and interactive science knowledge promotion activities will be carried

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